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Ascot Media Group, Inc.
Post Office Box 133032
The Woodlands, TX 77393

Phone: (281) 333-3507

Publicity Provided For The Following Clients And Others:

Why do our clients come to Ascot Media Group? One reason, the main reason is our relationships. More than just another public relations, public affairs, marketing firm, and advertising agency, we know how to work closely with our clients, not just for them.

AAPC Publishing (Publisher)
ADT Security
Afton-Bonds, Parris (Bestselling author)
Alten, Steve (NY Times bestselling author)
Alten Entertainment
American Diabetes Association (ADA)
ANGEL FACES (Business)
Arana, Margaret (Author)
ASOTVI – As Seen On TV Info, Inc.
Armijo, Don
Audley, Jerry (Musician/Artist)
Bagyura, Susan (Speaker/Author)
Baltov, Victor (Expert: Baseball/Author)
Bamber, Bill (Author)
Banash, Jennifer (Author)
Banschick, Mark Dr. (Divorce/Author)
Barnes, Lee (Author)
Barrett, Kevin (Author)
Bayfire Press Publishing
Beck, Dr. Alan
Berman, Gabe (Author)
Berman, Ilan (Speaker/Author)
Bloom, Rebecca (Author)
Bogner, Norman (NY Times best-seller)
Bidulka, Anthony (Author)
Black Gospel Promo
Borba, Scott-Vincent (Author)
Boughton, Tania (Author)
Boulton, David (Author)
Brady, Jeff (Author)
Broer, Dr. Ted (Intl. Health & Fitness)
Bronstein, Bruce (Expert Speaker & Author)
Brown, Pat (Investigative Criminal Profiler)
Brick Tower Press
Brocket, Catheryn J (Author)
Caldwell Consulting & Business Services
Call, Jack (Author)
Camp, Brittany (Author)
Capone, Dierdre (Author)
Caring House Project Foundation (Charity)
Carmichael, Kristin (Author)
Carpenter, Jackie (Author/Movie)
Carter, Hilary (Author)
Carter, Toya (Celebrity)
CASEMODO (Business)
CATFISH ALLEY (Restaurant: Flavor Flav)
Cedar Fort Publishing
Celebrity Mystery Theater
Chalmers, Phil (Police Training/Speaker/Author)
Church Pension Group
Church Publishing Incorporated
Costelloe, Frank (Publisher)
Costello, Melissa (Karma Chow)
Clean Cuisine
CreationScapes (Christian DVD’s)
Cunningham, Dave (Author)
Dalton, Dori (Author)
Daniel, Patrick (Expert Speaker & Author)
Davis, Julienne (Author)
Day, Sylvia (NY Times Bestselling Author)
Dayton, Tian, PhD.
DeCaro, Frank (Celebrity/Author)
Dean, Ingrid (Author)
Decent Hill Publishing
Demery, Rodney (Author)
Denholm, Diana (Author)
Diabetes Center of America
DiGiuseppi, Chris (Author)
Djem, Prince Selim (Royal/Author)
Dominguez, Sareena (Talent/Artist)
Douglas, Bill (Expert Speaker/WTC/Author)
Dr. David Knighton (Author)
Dr. David & Dr. Lovera (Expert Speakers/Authors)
Dr. Emile Allen
Dr. Hana Solomon (Author)
Dr. Judy Kuriansky (Expert Speaker/Author)
Dr. Kevin Dobrznski (Speaker/Author)
Dr. Mark Pitstick (Author)
Dr. Maryanne McGuckin (Author)
Dr. Mike Deringer (Author)
Dr. Paul Boor (Expert Speaker/Author)
Dr. Randall Wright (Author)
Dr. Tom Potisk
Drew, Cynthia (Children’s Author)
Duval, Lilian (Author)
Eaton, Dr. William
Eckerman, Ron (Celebrity/Author)
Eddy, Bill LCSW (Hisp/Eng. Author)
Ekin, Katie (Talent/Artist)
Ellisson, C. J.
Estill, Diana (Comedian & Author)
Farrah Gray Publishing
Ferguson, Bill (Expert Speaker/Author)
Ferguson, Mindy (Author)
Fishel, Ruth (HCI)
Flavor Flav (Celebrity)
Flavor Flav House of Flavor (Restaurant)
Forney, Demetrios A. (Author)
Flynn, Joseph (Author)
Forman, Steve (Author)
Frances, Raymond (Beyond Health)
Friedlander, Eva (Mickey Goodman)
Forstchen, William (NYT bestselling author)
Frost, Ron (Author)
Garson, Lynn (Speaker/Author)
Gates, Gabriel J. (Author)
Gatlin, LaDonna (Speaker/Author)
Geitz, Elizabeth (Priest/Author)
Goddard, Tariq (Author)
Gold, Robert (Author)
Gold Leaf Press
Golden, Drew (Bestselling Author)
Gooch-Anderson, Stacy (Author)
Goodman, Sam (Author)
Gray, Dr. Farrah (Expert Motivational Speaker)
Grey, Amelia (Author)
Habib, Hanane (Author)
Hale, Ed (Musician/Artist-Transcendence)
Hammond-Davis, Cynthia (Author)
Hancock, Maureen (Author)
Hanes, Caren (RN & Author)
Havens, Jeff (Comedian/Speaker/Author)
HCI The Life Issues Publisher
Hisashi Ota (Author)
Executive Medicine (Medical Facility/Authors)
Hancock, Maureen
Hannan, Dan (Author)
Hansen, Phil (Artist)
Healy, Maureen (HCI)
Hellmann, Libby
Helvie, Carl (Author)
Herrmann International (Business)
Hewitt, Les (HCI)
Howe-Clarke, Michele (Author)
Hunt, Ernest (Author)
Hunter House (Publisher)
Hurt, Jay (Author)
Ichimannendo Publishing
Isla Animals (Animal Sanctuary – Non-Profit)
Jackson, Tanay (Celebrity)
Jennings, Vera (Christian Author)
Jones, Lisa (Author)
Kastner, Kathleen (Author)
Kastrup, Bernardo (Author)
Kelly, Sarah (Celebrity)
Kennedy, Deborah (Author)
Kennedy Sutton, Jane (Author)
Kessler, David (Speaker/Author)
Kilgore, Nancy (Author)
LaMothe, Kimerer (Author)
Larson, Drake (Author)
Larson, Ivy (Nutritionist/Author)
Laura Recovery Center (Missing Children)
  ISLA Animals (Animal Rescue)
Lawton, Larry (Author/Program)
Leach, Mike (National Football Coach)
Leikness, Elizabeth (Author)
Lemon, Don (Celebrity/CNN Anchor/Author)
Levy, Cash (Comedian)
Littleton, Mark (Speaker/Author)
Loring, Gloria (Author)
Love, Pat & Carlson, Jan (Authors)
Lucas, Richard (Author)
MacKay, Malcolm (Author)
Malouf, Gregory (Expert Speaker/Author)
Matousek, Mark (Author)
Marley, Ky-Mani (Celebrity/Author)
Maslar, Dawn (Expert Speaker/Author)
Maxwell, Terri (Expert Speaker)
McCabe, Andy (Author)
McCants, Glynis (Celebrity/Author)
McCartney, Sean (Author)
McCaslin, John (Author)
McLean, Donald (Author)
McKinney, Frank (Celebrity/Author/Real-Estate/Charity)
Meacher, Michael (Member of Parliament/Author)
Mikals, Lisa (Church Services)
Mohadjer, Nina
Morton, Chris (Author)
Munroe, Erin (Author)
Murphy, Bridgette (Author)
Murray, Joan (Pastor/Author)
MUSTARD, Jack (Talent/Artist)
Naman, Christine Pisera (Author)
Napolitano, Judge (Celebrity/Author)
Nelson, Keith (Author)
Newman, Susan (Author)
Nichols, Larry (Author)
Nicholson, B. (Author)
Nielsen, Niels (Author)
Not Just Another Brand
O-Books (Publisher)
O’Denat, Lee “Q” (Celebrity)
O’Gorman, Patricia Phd. (Speaker/Author)
Oomer, Shahrook (Author)
Otter-Thompson, Betsy (Author)
Papp, Eric (Expert Speaker/Author)
Parker, L. (Author)
PDAN (Business)
Pedley, Jennifer (Author)
Parr, Russ (Author)
Pitre, Fran (Author)
Pollock, Hal (Author)
Pomerance, Diane (Author)
Praphanchith, Disko (Author)
Presley, Christal (Author)
Pulse Guides
Quality Dialysis (Medical Facility)
Ragan, Dian Curtis (Author)
Rashkin-Shoot, Rachel (Author)
ReTake Talent Search (Talent Agency)
Rietzsch, Lindsey K. (Author)
Ripplinger, Henry (Author)
Rivera, Jeff
Roberts, Dave (Author)
Robertson, Rick (Attorney)
Robinson, Jeremy (Author)
Rodgers, James (Author)
ROMEII (Publisher)
Romney, Travis (Author)
Rose, Devorah (Actress)
Rosen, Paul J. (Author)
Ruotolo, Lauren (Author)
Ruppert, Mike (Speaker/Author)
Sacco, Peter (Author)
Samuels, Dr. Arthur (Author)
Sanchez, Elizabeth (Author)
Sawyer-Current, Alison (Author/Animal Sanctuary)
Schochet, Stephen (Author)
Scott, Lisa E. (Author)
Shields, Craig (Author)
Smith, Anne (Speaker/Author)
Smith, Benjamin (Author)
Sheets, Diana (Author)
Shors, John (NY Times bestselling author)
Silverman, Lt.Col. Michael (Author)
Smith, Ron (Author)
Sniechowki, Judith & Jim (Doctors / Authors)
Sonbert, Michael (Musician/Author)
Spring Spine Center - Dr. Steven Smith
Srok-Friedes, Sally (Author/Speaker)
Stawitz, Fred
Stephens, Jeffrey (Expert Speaker/Author)
Stephenson III, Adlai (Senator)
Stevenson, Adlai (US Senator)
StoryMakers, Inc. (Various)
Summers, Jody (Author)
Szymczak, Leonard (Motivational Speaker/Author)
Takamori, Kentetsu (Author)
Tako, Barbara- (Author)
Tata, A.J. Brigadier General
Taylor, Jeffrey (Author)
Taylor, Tony (Musician & Author)
Teligistics (Business)
Terrence, Margot (Author)
The Duke of Fremont
Thurlow Law (Attorney)
Transcendence (Celebrities/Musicians)
Tripp, Ben (Author)
Turner, Vernon (Author/NFL)
Ulmer, Lexi (Talent/Artist)
Ulrich, Marshall (Author)
Upnick, Eddie (Author)
Valoppi, Jennifer (Author)
Vaughn, Shea (Expert Speaker/Author/Health)
Vaughn, Shea (Business)
Velez-Mitchell, Jane (Celebrity/Author)
Viola, Josh (Author)
Villacorta, Manuel (HCI)
Vincent, Jack (Author)
Vocal Trash (Musicians)
Von Won (Christian Rapper/Youth Pastor/Missionary)
Vocal Trash (Musicians)
Walsh, Becky (Various)
Welch, Virginia (Speaker/Author)
Wellbrock, Brian (Author)
West Oaks Hospital
Wharam, Jane (Author)
Whitehouse, Maggy (Author)
Williams, Capt. Tom (Author)
Williams, Sarah (Author)
Won, Von (Christian Rapper)
Worley Parsons (Global: Business)
Zolciak, Kim (Celebrity/Author)
Zonya Foco (American Diabetes Assoc.)

Contact Us
About Us
Ascot Media Group, Inc.
Post Office Box 133032
The Woodlands, TX 77393

Phone: (281) 333-3507
Fax: (832) 813-5154

Ascot Media Group, highly rated by clients for providing full-service public relations and creative services capabilities. Ascot Media Group brings you deep strategic and tactical public relations experience. We have a celebrated reputation for delivering results and providing value to our clients, who benefit from the personal involvement of our top management.    more...

Television Commercials
  Here is a sampling of our clients television commercials.
  1. Spring Spine Center
  2. West Oaks Depression
  3. west Oaks Senior
  4. West Oaks Substance
  5. West Oaks Teens
  6. Quality Dialysis - David Ortiz Testimonial English
  7. Quality Dialysis - David Ortiz Testimonial Spanish
  8. First Baptist Church
  9. Animals Planet
  10. Baytown Auto Collision
  11. Century 21
  12. Closet Art
  13. Diabetes Centers of America
  14. First Presbyterian Church
  15. Flowers & Co
  16. Frozen Ropes
  17. Innovative Alternatives
  18. Klinger Law
  19. M&M Furniture
  20. Mason Attorneys English
  21. Mason Attorneys Spanish
  22. Moe's Southwest Grill
  23. Play It Again Sports
  24. Ponces Tree Service
  25. Power Now
  26. Qamar Properties
  27. Quality Dialysis
  28. Steven Halpert - Attorney
  29. Trek Express
  30. Houston Community College
  31. Wise Buys
  32. Xocai 1
  33. Xocai 2



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