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This really is ‘just what the doctor ordered’ – a dose of laughter beats crying any day

Minnetonka, MN, October 2, 2010 - Dr. Alan Beck is a practicing physician and the author of A Faithful Proposal (IGI Publishing), a hilarious read from beginning to end that exemplifies his personal frustration over the lack of common sense in our world today. It is a fast and fun read, laced with dark humor, that is a much-needed tonic for the general public who need to ‘take a break’ from the harsh reality of unemployment, healthcare, corrupt elected officials, global warming – any one of the issues facing them in this complex world we live in.

The star of A Faithful Proposal is Brooks McRump, ex-CEO of Bonanza insurance companies, who sets his sights on taking over all religions. He joins forces with retired psychiatrist and his former COO, Steve Kopfklopper, and they use the internet in a bid to revolutionize religions in order to acquire them all. They go so far as to hold Religious Idol contents and tackily advertise the number of prayers transmitted on gleaming white arches of a sports stadium. At Faith Mountain guests get an education and a ‘virtual tour’ of religious history that comes compete with a parachute ride down the mountain to Heaven and Hell, where they meet founders of all religions and witness historical moments in religious history.

Luring high profile religious leaders to their ranks with ‘executive perks’ increases the number of new centers and attracts media attention, that results in a live interview with Larry King. Along the way, they recruit Rifle Rae Virgin as a new leader, who succeeds in uniting the newer faith counselors in testing the souls of the founding fathers of Faith America. When the founders become obsessed with their own success and this causes envy to surface among the counselors, they get wined and dined in Florida as a means to placate them and bring everyone back together. While in Florida they meet a fascinating old Indian Chief named Big Bear who shares many surprising visions with them. Impervious to the corporate giants, fate ultimately descends to restrain the greed and ambitions of the Faith America Board who undergo a revival, and true faith and family values emerge at the end to save the day!

Dr. Beck’s novel blends compelling messages with comical wit, and his description of his novel as ‘A manic ride through the irritable bowels of our healthcare system, with a darkly funny descent into the sclerotic heart of contemporary religions, and a Prozac-induced mock homage to corporate and individual greed’ says it perfectly! Please visit this creative writer’s website at


Charles Ashbacher wrote a five star review for Amazon entitled “Subtle, intelligent satire of a great many things:’ “If you can think of an incongruity of modern life not lampooned in this book then you probably were not paying close enough attention… Using puns, wordplay and slightly veiled references, the author has created a very amusing story. The premise is that Brooks McRump, a disgraced former CEO of an insurance company, is looking for other green pastures…he decides to create a massive corporate organization that will enfold all the major religions. With his associates, McRump plans to create a giant religious theme park where his organization can merge and acquire all religions. There is the segment where J. C., an old pro from Plains, Georgia appears…hears them in Heaven and yells back at them with a Southern twang to follow the yellow slick road…eating peanuts constantly, continuously passing heavenly wind, and quotes loudly from the Bible. J. C. is of course former American president Jimmy Carter…and when a ship with passengers runs aground...two rescue boats, Bailout #1 and the Stimulus Package, rush out to help the passengers…This is great stuff, although there will be many people that would take offense at some aspect of the satire, at least the parts that refer to what they believe.”

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