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A guide to owning your power and making choices that utilize the force behind the universe

Walking through Illusion: Jesus Speaks of the People who Shared His Journey (O-Books), by Betsy Otter Thompson, is written as a series of interrelated stories that, regardless of one’s individual faith, give a better understanding of the spirituality within. The book is more of an emotional accounting than a historical accounting, and is based on the premise that when we leave this world we don’t take our beliefs with us; we take the love we found from having them,

Each chapter is devoted to a specific theme around a person – from Mary Magdalene to Judas to Pilate – and each chapter helps readers to recognize the power within their own emotional actions. The author believes that the secret to happiness is in giving what you want, not in getting what you want. Walking through Illusion also offers a unique question and answer format at the end of each chapter designed to help readers bring the ideas from the book into their every day life in a meaningful way.

The stories are a means through which to explore human as well as spiritual issues – the pursuit of meaningful goals, the nature of loving gifts, the healing of our hearts, why happiness seems elusive, the reason for handicaps and, in general, why life often seems so unfair! Since we know our time on Earth is temporary, Thompson believes we need to recognize what is real and what is not; the real being that which we feel in our hearts; the illusion being that which we see with our eyes. Her intuitive book suggests that action/reaction, cause and effect, or the pulling of energy back to itself, is the force that runs the universe. And since we have the power to use those physics in any way we wish, we might as well use them to our advantage to create a better life. Visit for more compelling messages from this author.

Betsy Otter Thompson now devotes her time to writing. Previously, she worked in media sales, and also at Castle Rock Entertainment and Warner Brothers in Los Angeles. Her goal is not to challenge history but rather to help readers to embrace the concept that we create our emotional futures. Walking through Illusion is the second book in her trilogy on the life of Jesus.



Joni Hudson-Reynolds, : “This is a fascinating read from a very creative mind. The commentary gives real heft to characters profiled in the Bible. I found the chapter on Approval and the characterization of Mark to be spot on in terms of relating to the human need to simply be accepted. The commentary related how we often put on masks that reveal only a portion of our self. The fine tuned dialogue moves us gracefully to a point of self acceptance which is a tribute to the brilliance of the author.”

Bonnie Neeley, a 5 Star Review on Amazon: Provocative Spiritual Mystery
“Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thompson is a book you will want to read over and over if you are interested in spiritual matters. The chapters each take a Biblical character and in a Q & A format the author has a dialogue with Jesus about that person and the purpose of the trials or temptations he or she had in life. The situations all are presented in such a way, with Jesus' answers so thought-provoking, that anyone can extrapolate the circumstances to his or her own life... It will take many readings to comprehend these simple illustrations which contain the Great Mystery. An EXCELLENT book.”

A Prolific Book Reader near Illinois, a 5 Star Review on Amazon: What an Amazing Book!
“Unlike any other book I've read that just talks 'about' Jesus - this one felt more like I was part of a hypothetical personal interview with Jesus and all the biblical people who actually 'knew Him'…. it's hard to find the kind of honesty that is exhibited by this author where she shares how her own life has also been greatly influenced by the book's messages. This book did more in helping me to understand my own spirituality and to question my perspective on life than anything else I've read… A must-read for anyone who has questions about their own faith and beliefs and the part the church plays today in their life. There are so many unique possibilities to be gained from Walking Through Illusion!”

Cathal O'Briain, Author & Therapist "Powerful Mind through Self-Hypnosis"
“In Walking through Illusion, Betsy Otter Thompson delves into the human heart through her exploration of the people around Jesus. As her vehicle, she creates a conversation with him in order to understand his journey and the journeys of those around him. Her honest introspection of how the message affected her life helps the reader to remove the veil that keeps us from living life more fully. It’s an inspiring contribution from an inspiring author.”

Florida Reader Judith, a 5 star review on Amazon: “This book is very different from all other ones I’ve seen about Jesus. It doesn’t “talk” about Jesus and all the people we read about in the bible and bible classes. Instead this book gives the reader insight into how these people were affected by his life and choices. This is not a historical book. This is a book for those of us who have questions about our own faith and belief structure and the part it plays in today’s life. Read it more than once. Enjoy this book with an open heart, welcome the lessons.”

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