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The down-to-earth doctor puts healthy holistic lifestyles within readers' reach in time for New Years

At some point in their lives, most Americans face the high-cost, high-risk traditional medical system. Soon afterward they are fed up with it. But now Dr. Tom Potisk's book, Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages (Maven Mark Books), offers a healthy holistic alternative to common ailments and corporate healthcare options from a refreshing new perspective.

This book is changing American healthcare culture by retrieving control from greedy and abusive corporations and politicians and restoring it to the people. Dr. Potisk helps readers end over-reliance on traditional medical care. Specific solutions are provided for over 40 common ailments including fibromyalgia, colic, headaches, infections, and bedwetting. Readers can apply Dr. Potisk's nutrition and health expertise to their lives and immediately reap the rewards.

Internationally renowned and loved, Dr. Potisk has earned the nickname the “Down-to-Earth Doctor” because of his easy-going conversational style of teaching do-it-yourself natural health techniques. In a conversational style Dr. Potisk supplies readers of Whole Health Healing with practical, realistic advice about saving money on health care, the truth about 'real' health, the five most dangerous exercises, ways to enjoy eating without gaining weight, and how to raise healthier children. True dramatic patient anecdotes that run the emotional gamut from humorous to tragic empower and motivate readers to obtain optimum health. The author includes observations of healthier cultures from his many travels to remote and exotic locales; he even reveals the secrets of his own family’s extraordinary wellness.

This unique book provides easy to follow, budget friendly, safe, and effective natural options for dozens of common maladies. One example of these practical and inexpensive holistic health tips is for readers with knee injuries. The book includes an illustrated description of a remarkably effective, simple, and safe self-applied knee-stretching maneuver that requires only a bath towel to be effective. Another example of the economical, holistic health improvement lessons supplies readers suffering from cholesterol problems with a natural regimen that has worked wonders for many of his patients. Seniors and parents receive special attention in the book: there’s a special chapter for advanced-age health and another for raising healthier children.

Either celebrities or "medical defectors" with minimal, if any, training and experience with holistic, natural healthcare have written many of the books on holistic health, but Whole Health Healing relies on a quarter century of training and experience of one of America’s leading natural healthcare practitioners. Dr. Potisk is a real holistic doctor who has helped thousands of patients in one of the largest holistic health clinics, which he founded in 1985. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and trained for hundreds of hours and is certified in nutritional counseling and wellness, and was elected Chiropractor of the Year, extensively publishes and lectures in his community. Dr. Potisk lives holistically on a farm in Wisconsin with his wife and 3 children. His goal is to improve lives by empowering people to make wiser healthcare decisions.

Readers can purchase Whole Health Healing and learn other interesting information about this unique and innovative speaker, healthcare specialist, and author at Dr. Potisk's website: .



Brian Lampe, chair CEO Ministries: “I rarely buy books about health after being let down by several that I found to be over-hyped and written by either celebrities or medical “defectors” with little holistic health training. But upon a recommendation of a friend, I bought Dr Potisk’s book and was blown away at his ability to write in a conversational style I can understand and with information I can put to use right now. I’ve already lost 35 pounds by just following a few of his simple suggestions. It’s easy to recognize his training and experience with the subject, and I love all the little stories he uses from his experiences in his practice, his own family, and his travels to remote places. I’m now getting my wife and child on this new healthy path Dr Potisk makes so easy to follow.”

Dr. Jerry Zelm, author of What Your Doctor Never Told You: “This book contains cutting edge, useful information for everybody. This is the answer to the health care crisis in the US. Thanks to Dr. Tom’s help, I’m enjoying an active, healthy life at age 63.”

Suzy Cohen, RPh, author of The 24-Hour Pharmacist and Drug Muggers: “Whole Health Healing is a well-researched and surprisingly entertaining book. Dr. Potisk is clearly '’outraged' at the current American 'sickness-care' system, and it has lit a fire within him to inspire others to get well naturally. If more doctors were like him, we’d all be healthier for it.”

Kira Henschel, MavenMark Books: "Tom Potisk is one of the most caring, sincere proponents of natural healthcare I know. He is a skilled chiropractor, an eloquent and dynamic speaker…and all in all, a wonderful person to know and work with. …'Whole Health Healing' [is] a great resource for people of all ages, with straightforward advice, wry humor, and excellent holistic information."

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