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A compelling author who uses his novels to bring attention to issues of good and evil in today’s contemporary society

Dallas, TX, February 15, 2011 - Ernie Hunt’s stories are character-driven with rich and intense plots; while each one is different they have one thing in common – they always leave the reader wanting more…

An interest in Muslim relations was uppermost in Hunt’s mind when he wrote Paris Under Siege (Publish America). This thriller begins in Paris with a wealthy Algerian posing as a humanitarian, purportedly helping poor North Africans living in the city. After the friend of a New York reporter discovers the man is really an Islamic terrorist hiding weapons in the Sahara desert, and Paris is the target, the chase of all time begins as four unlikely friends fight to thwart the destruction of American institutions in Paris.

In the riveting sequel, Paris on Fire (Publish America), the Algerian is wounded in a shootout in Paris and later recovers and returns to Algeria for more recruits. When he returns to Paris he instigates riots in an attempt to destroy the Eiffel Tower. The suspense is heart-stopping as the unlikely foursome and a handful of peaceful Muslim women put a stop to his plan, allowing the women to inflict much-deserved revenge on the fanatic by taking his life as retribution for his despicable crimes.

Mr. Hunt is both honored and thrilled to have world-renowned actress Olivia de Havilland as a staunch fan of both his Paris-themed novels.

A Death in Dallas (Publish America) is a spellbinding page-turner that takes a different slant in the story of a severely wounded vet returning from Iraq, who finds his true self again while helping a victim of human trafficking reunite with her family in Mexico. Working with a private detective and his fiancée, the three trace the traffickers to a company in Dallas. After many chilling twists and unexpected encounters, they end up in a deadly confrontation with the ruthless gang in Mexico responsible for supplying both the girls and drugs to the U.S.

Terror on East 72nd Street (Publish America) begins with a violent street encounter between two men that escalates into a series of conflicts between federal agents and Canadian Islamic terrorists whose intent is to destroy the Statue of Liberty. A deadly cat and mouse chase takes readers on a chilling ride over the Catskill Mountains and a perilous ferry crossing, on to an abandoned tunnel near the Brooklyn waterfront. Startling events that follow keep readers anxiously turning pages when a female Muslim emerges as the heroine and federal agents confront the terrorists in a showdown that ends in murder, mayhem and martyrdom.

Ernie Hunt’s greatest hope is to help improve international Muslim relations and find a common sense of human decency among the practitioners of all faiths around the world. To this end he uses his novels to bring awareness to the atrocity of human trafficking, the misery inflicted by drug cartels, the plight of enslaved women, and the ongoing struggle against radicals crossing the northern border. Please visit this prolific writer at his website at:



Rachel Miller, Brunswick County News: “Terror on East 72th Street is one of the best books I have read. The suspense will keep you from putting it down. I had to read from start to finish. I couldn't stop until I finished the last page. This writer knows how to keep his readers in his grip.”

Reader rave reviews:

Chicago, IL: “An amazing story… I was on the edge of my seat as I got drawn in to the chase … all the while witnessing the lead characters as they get sucked into an evil game of murder, chaos and martyrdom that has chilling twists and turns at every corner. Nothing is `ordinary' in this story - it's loaded with thrills and unpredictable events that go head-on with evil - a great read for anyone who thrives on excitement!”

“Ernie Hunt did a superb job on this book…he not only wrote an unbelievably suspense-filled adventure here, but also brings attention to the issue of human trafficking and treatment of Muslim women… Great story – keeps you on the edge-of-your seat throughout – especially meaningful knowing that human slavery does take place every day and is an appalling disgrace to society!”


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