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The $20 Co-pay Mentality Can Cost Someone Their Life – Being Proactive Can Not Only Save It But Can Also Improve The Quality

Southlake, TX, March 21, 2011 - Executive Medicine of Texas, with its superior service and state-of-the-art technology, can be geared to the specific needs of anyone – from stay-at-home moms to top executives. Out of all the excellent services they offer, perhaps the most important is their half-day physical examination. With a goal of keeping their clients healthy and vibrant for years to come, they take pride in the difference they have made in the lives of those entrusted to their care.

Executive Medicine’s physical examinations leave no stone unturned. Unlike standard doctors’ office examinations that feel like an assembly line - a few rushed minutes seeing the doctor and then run through some lab work - only getting a call back if there is a problem, this practice puts service back into the equation. Executive Medicine understands the needs of their busy clients and while they operate with perfect efficiency, clients always get as much time as they need with a doctor and their in-depth tests and scans give doctors the clearest possible picture of a patient’s overall health. With standard tests, by the time some diseases are found it’s often too late for treatment to be of use.

The rich and famous have always had access to private doctors and great care but now Executive Medicine, with their different plans to fit all needs and budgets, makes it possible for everyone to have access to services that focus on proactive rather than reactive medicine. In fact, physician partners Mark Anderson and Walter Gaman describe their facility as “a luxury you can’t afford to live without.”

Physical exams start with a 24-page questionnaire, last a half-day, and include a minimum of 39 tests. There are 20 extensive laboratory tests that help give a clear picture of overall health. Other important tests screen for heart disease, cancer, stroke risk, diabetes and other diseases that can be deterred if caught early. Fitness levels and lifestyle assessments are also taken into account when determining a patient’s long-term wellness plan.

“We like people to look young and be healthy. We also understand that our patients are their own biggest asset. They have a great number of people depending on them. It’s our job to keep them healthy and around for as long as possible,” said Judith Gaman, health and wellness expert and part of the Executive Medicine of Texas staff.

Dr. Anderson and Dr. Gaman were both honored as “Best Doctors in Texas 2010” by Newsweek Magazine. Together with Judith Gaman, they co-host “The Staying Young” radio show, which airs Sunday mornings on three Texas radio stations and streams internationally. They have also co-authored two books, the latest being Stay Young: 10 Proven Steps to Ultimate Health (George House Publishing, 2010).

For more information on Executive Medicine of Texas, please call 817-552-4300 or visit their website at



Past episodes of the radio show are available on iTunes:

Reviews on “Stay Young: 10 Proven Steps to Ultimate Health” (George House Publishing, 2010) by Mark Anderson, MD; Walter Gaman, MD; and Judith Gaman:

Lynne Palmeiro, wife of four-time Major League Baseball All-Star Rafael Palmeiro: “These guys have been keeping me healthy for years.”

Bill Merlo, Marketing and Wellness Consultant at Health, Wealth & Happiness, Inc
"It was great to have a doctor to actually talk to without being rushed. This will be the first time I will really feel confident in the results of a physical, and that the reliability of the results were worth the price."

Steve McElhiney: "I have attended other well-known facilities and programs. I am most pleased with the well-coordinated process at Executive Medicine of Texas. No hospital setting, lack of privacy, or disconnected feel whatsoever. I was most pleased with the entire experience."

Michael Landauer, Dallas Morning News: “This book meets readers where they are. The authors have a rare talent for connecting with people and helping them improve their lives by giving them the tools to do so."

Larry North, health and fitness expert, author of ‘Living Lean:’ "A must read! If everyone followed these 10 steps, we would have a much healthier America."

Craig (Junior) Miller, Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket: “Too many people take their health for granted, and this book is a great reminder not to do that. These guys really know what they’re talking about — great advice throughout!”

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