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Gaining a triumphant life by courageously facing past demons to eliminate negative thinking in the present

Children rarely place blame on their parents for childhood trauma but instead choose to believe it was something they did or didn’t do that resulted in the abuse or neglect they received. Left unresolved, these issues from the past will greatly affect their present and future. Troubled Childhood, Triumphant Life: Healing from the Battle Scars of Youth (New Horizon Press) by James P. Krehbiel, a licensed professional counselor and nationally certified cognitive-behavioral therapist, is an incredible tool in reinforcing that in spite of what happened as a child we each have the power to change our responses and move forward in a positive way.

In Troubled Childhood, Triumphant Life, the author guides readers on a journey of discovery where they learn how to release the shame, neglect, and anguish of emotions buried deep inside from a painful childhood and let go of self-defeating and pessimistic attitudes so that they will not continue the pattern of this destructive behavior with their own children. Krehbiel ends each chapter with questions that make individuals re-examine the traumatic events of their own childhood and includes the necessary tools to empower them to take responsibility for their present through self-reflection, recognition and grieving – to let go of ‘what was’ in order to lay the groundwork for a happy and triumphant adulthood.

James Krehbiel, Ed.S., LPC, CCBT is recognized by the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists. He is an author, contributing writer to a variety of online websites and offline journals, magazines and newspapers, and is a licensed professional counselor in Scottsdale, Arizona. Please visit his informative website at: .



Midwest Book Review: “No childhood is escaped scot-free. Troubled Childhood, Triumphant Life discusses tough childhoods…presents many stories of people succeeding and failing against their upbringing…drawing heavily on his decade of experience, Krehbiel presents why some people rise above their upbringing and some are crippled under it…an enlightening and intriguing read, not to be missed.”

Receiving rave reviews from readers:

Rachel Elaine: “Who among us can truly claim an idyllic home life when growing up? …Children instinctively idealize and “protect” their parents. However, children who grow up minimizing the significance of a troubled past may suffer a myriad of consciously or unconsciously recognizable symptoms carried into adulthood…in short, what isn’t resolved in the past may present problems in the present. In his latest book, Krehbiel brings forth 15 years of his vast professional experience to help bring closure and peace to relationships with parents that were less than nurturing, thereby loosening the grip of negative power over the affected adult child. If you are one of the few who escaped youth relative unscathed, Troubled Childhood, Triumphant Life would still be beneficial reading. The understanding of consequences of the past and behavioral origins can help improve marriages, partnerships or any relationships. Regardless where you’ve come from, Krehbiel will lead you to a life of more holistic integrity…”

C. Gale Perkins: “In this book…Krehbiel explores aspects of trauma that often happen in a child’s life…in today’s world there are so many people that can put themselves into the pages of this book written with so much knowledge and empathy. Having worked in a psychiatric substance abuse hospital for 25 years, I have seen so many of the cases Mr. Krehbiel describes. I feel this would be an excellent teaching manual for hospitals and schools to provide a better understanding of problems that rise in these environments. I must say the book stirred up questions for me and made me think about some things I had dealt with and gave some insight into some I hadn’t addressed. Thanks…I now understand some of my own experiences. Recommend this book to anyone searching for answers to a productive adulthood…”

Ervin E. Harmon: “…an outstanding book covering the many significant problems that people have experienced during troubled childhoods and how these problems have affected people throughout their life…his work points out that many adults carry around significant baggage …self-defeating thinking and behavior into adulthood…explores how to deal with these serious deficiencies. Great deal of information in this book that will peak your interest and help you to better understand the many problems that surface…and remain with a person…unless rectified. Highly recommend this author’s work.”

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