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One author’s personal shot at world peace by changing the way we think – what an incredible legacy to bestow on mankind

James Prieto is the author of The Joy of Compassionate Connecting – The Way of Christ through Nonviolent Communication. His mission is to facilitate communication and contribute to deepening relationships between people, within groups and organizations, through the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Nonviolent Communication, also known as Compassionate Communication, was created by famed American psychologist Marshall Rosenberg. It is a conversational framework that invites listening from the heart, encouraging a letting-go of outcomes and judgments for the sake of connection, helping people understand each other peacefully. The purpose of NVC is to strengthen our ability to inspire compassion in others and to respond compassionately to others and to ourselves. It guides us to reframe how we express ourselves, as well as how we hear others, by focusing on what we are observing, feeling, needing and requesting.

Appealing to Christians (or anyone with a desire to improve relationships through better communication), Prieto’s book describes the Way of Christ through Nonviolent Communication, demonstrating how the teachings of Jesus exemplify values of love, mutual respect, responsibility and compassion. This text is a guide showing how NVC facilitates living in integrity with these values – something politicians and corporate America could definitely benefit from in today’s society.

The Joy of Compassionate Connecting is packed with personal stories that demonstrate how a follower of Christ can incorporate NVC to turn troubled relationships into joy-filled connections. It is an invitation for readers to rediscover Christian principles, showing that by applying them in everyday communication the reader can get to experience the treasures Jesus taught us by transforming our relationships with compassionate connecting, ultimately partaking in the spirit-filled life.

James Prieto is a software developer for a consulting company in southern California. Raised a Catholic, baptized a Christian in the Pacific Ocean in 2003, he is passionate about his spiritual journey in connection with the Creator and others, and continues to follow the Way of Christ in his everyday life. Discovering NVC in 2002, he has immersed himself in it ever since –pursuing ways to contribute to peace and help others build fulfilling relationships through his writing, practice groups and workshops.

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Kirkus Reviews: “…the inspired efforts of a Christian helped by NVC who wants to share his experience with the world and help people better their lives…More meditation than guidebook, Prieto’s work is compelling, motivating and useful…”

Brian D. McLaren, author of The Secret Message of Jesus, A New Kind of Christian, and Everything Must Change: “Blessed are the peacemakers,’ Jesus said. The work of peacemaking begins with each of us learning to communicate compassionately…Prieto offers just the kind of practical, down-to-earth guidance we need.”

Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, Center for Action and Contemplation: “What a marvelous combination of very practical wisdom from Scripture, psychology, justice work, personal experience, and even the arts! This is the kind of book that people need today to…get started, to keep going, and to keep going deeper. Thank you for your own compassion, James Prieto!”

Mary Mackenzie, CNVC Certified Trainer and Cofounder, NVC Academy: “If you’ve ever wondered how NVC fits with traditional Christianity, I recommend Mr. Prieto’s insightful book!”

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