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If government were for the people it would never underestimate the power of the people – unfortunately, not today’s government

Fredericksburg, VA, November 4, 2010 - Ops Populi: Inception (Astute Publishing Company) by Mike Lieber is a fast-paced political thriller that ranks right up alongside Ludlum, Flynn and Coonts! It is the first of a three-part series that blends patriotic fervor with political corruption, leading to a second U.S. Constitutional Convention. Ops Populi, meaning ‘power to the people,’ is what billionaire philanthropist, Martin Lochridge, believes is the answer for the best legacy he can leave behind to build back an America that truly lives up to the ideals of the Founding Fathers.

The story begins in a small town in Maine where college professor and Army National Guard Officer, Sean May, delivers an impassioned speech to a crowd that includes Lochridge, a patriot and retired billionaire, heartsick over the rapid decline of his country at the hands of a self-serving government, who is looking for a way to leave a lasting legacy where his fortune will truly make a difference.

Ten years later, Major May is serving his third active-duty tour in war-torn Iraq and is injured by an insurgent rocket attack and evacuated to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington. Angered by the poor conditions and his inadequate treatment, he walks out of the hospital and finds himself wandering the streets of the capital with little money and still suffering the effects of a head injury that robbed him of much of his memory. The major carries a computer flash drive but what he doesn’t know is that it contains evidence of a crime ring involving ruthless government contractors and others who are holding the highest offices in the nation. He meets Virginia Burress, who helps the hungry and homeless vet, and there follows a frightening chain of events as they become prey in a desperate hunt by the ruthless group who will stop at nothing to protect their power, position and wealth.

Unknown to him, May’s lecture ten years earlier provided the inspiration for Martin Lochridge who has been busy forming a secret organization, Ops Populi, from which he plans on initiating a colossal campaign for a people’s Constitutional Convention that he hopes will restore the Founding Fathers ideals to America. Believing that government must first be reformed at its base level, he plans to start with the Constitution that created our Republic. And for this, Lochridge needs the help of Major Sean May so first he must rescue him and his companion from the grip of the corruption they have uncovered.

Mike Lieber’s first political thriller in the Ops Populi series illustrates how elites dominate our society today, aggressively guarding our nation’s public and private institutions that enforce the rules of our society, and if citizens do not respond and take back control from the elites – it will be the downfall of our Republic. This is where ‘Inception’ marks the beginning of the epic transition to the next great phase of America’s evolution. Please visit  for more information on this incredible novel.



Midwest Book Review: “An absorbing novel of political intrigue and patriotism. What some people give for their country is life changing. Inception tells the success story of retired billionaire and army officer Sean May. When an injury in Iraq sends him on a spiral onto the streets, poor and destitute, his only chance for happiness may be one caring woman and a piece of evidence that could damn several corrupt individuals higher up.“  “A fast paced, entertaining and craftily woven political thriller…with many subplots, the author tells the story of power and patriotism. The characters and dialogue set the stage for a first rate novel that will have every reader begging for a sequel. “

Richard L. Wight: “Inception is a real page-turner. Multiple sub-plots deftly interwoven…Lieber has obviously done this research. (Having spent time in the Army …and a career with the Federal Government dealing with military issues, I can vouch for the accuracy of many of the book’s details.) I was even motivated to re-read the Constitution after an unpatriotic lapse of many years. There is obviously a sequel coming – I’ll try to be the first in line.”

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