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After living in hell, finding peace of mind and lasting happiness would be like living in Heaven

Lynchburg, VA, October 25, 2010 - In The Purple Light (Publish America), Tony Taylor tells an all-too familiar story of a young man who started out smoking weed and then graduated to snorting cocaine and becoming an addict. His is the story of so many young people today who escape into a haze of drugs, hoping it will dull their senses so they won’t feel the depths of despair they have sunk into. But this story is different; through a life-changing experience Taylor was given a second chance and, with the help of God, managed to turn his life around completely.

Still describing himself as a ’work in progress,’ Taylor’s life changed after he had hit rock bottom at the ‘ripe old age’ of twenty-six. At the lowest point in his life and praying to God to help him change it happened - Taylor saw the purple light that came to him in the form of a cross and crown. In an instant, he was a changed man. That was the night he saw Jesus and he was shown how to wear the purple light whenever he wants to give glory to Him.

Believing that people can be called at any time, Taylor knows he has been called and while he believes he is not at the level he once was when he first met the glory he is constantly working his way back up there – one day at a time. He has written a beautiful ballad called ‘Wear the Truth’ that is about the night he met the glory of Christ and saw the purple light. This meaningful music can be heard on his website at

Knowing that he ‘served the devil for several years’ in his addiction, Taylor understands first-hand how the lost souls of the world feel. It is truly an inspiring story of a man who nearly destroyed himself but instead was rescued by God’s love. The Purple Light contains passages of events that have never been heard of before as Taylor struggles to piece together the enigmatic finds he discovered on his path to recovery and happiness.

This remarkable man is a living example of the power of the human spirit. Tony Taylor is now happily married with a young son and lives in Lynchburg, VA. For more information visit his website at:



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Ascot Media Group, Inc.
Post Office Box 133032
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