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Baseball is a metaphor for wild pitches Americans now call strikes

Houston, TX, October 24, 2010 - Most people agree that since the founding of American society the bounds of what is acceptable have been stretched. Victor Baltov, Jr. uses the strike zone in baseball as a metaphor for this boundary stretching in BASEBALL IS AMERICA: Origins and History, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (AuthorHouse), the second in his BASEBALL IS AMERICA trilogy. In this well-written, thought-provoking book the author challenges the American cultural current toward materialism and uses experiences from a genuine account of the life of a baseball player as described in the first book, A Child of Baseball, from the Glory Days through the Synthetic Era to address baseball, corporate America, American politics, and the culture wars.

Laced with satirical humor, this book urges readers to redefine actions they consider acceptable, or to 'Reclaim the Strike Zone,' based on American founding principles by electing officials who uphold the Constitution. In BASEBALL IS AMERICA, Baltov highlights the parallels between American culture and baseball. His fierce passion to restore integrity and character to baseball, as well as to the country, endows Baltov with the skills of a great speaker. This acknowledged expert in the history of the game is uniquely qualified to offer an educated opinion about many issues facing Americans today.

This self-professed baseball crusader’s goal is to use founding principles as moral guides and to judge by content of character, not celebrity. He questions the motives and actions of so-called role models and addresses the prevalence of cheating in the game as well as in American culture. There is a sense of urgency in Baltov’s writing that reflects the current American cultural crisis. He prepares readers to respond if and when disaster strikes.

To learn more about this insightful author and inspiring lecturer and his riveting book series, visit .



Roger Zotti of “Baltov is a knowledgeable, insightful and forceful writer…who has hit a homerun…an informative, passionate, humorous and scrupulously-researched autobiography; it’s concerned with the good and bad aspects of baseball, along with the sport’s link with religion, history, politics, music, movies and his family and friends.”

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