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Finding the Fountain of Youth may be a lot easier thanks to three talented professionals

The idea for Executive Medicine of Texas, when it opened its doors in 2005, came from a select group of physicians who wanted to spend more time with their patients, getting to know them and treating them as they would their family. These physicians had spent decades on the HMO treadmill and wanted to do something that was professionally rewarding and good for the patient at the same time. Executive Medicine has definitely accomplished this, and more, by providing excellent one-on-one care for their patients. As an extension of that care, they wanted to do something that would benefit everyone, and Dr. Mark Anderson, Dr. Walter Gaman and Judith K. Gaman achieved that goal when they co-authored Stay Young: 10 Proven Steps to Ultimate Health (George House Publishing), a truly unique book that outlines a detailed plan for getting healthier and staying that way! It is the first-ever health journal of its kind that helps people take control of their own health and wellness.

So much of the current attention given to healthcare by the media focuses on cost rather than the inevitable rationing of care that will come with government-run programs - making it imperative that people become proactive in implementing lifestyle changes to live a healthier life. Health and wellness, while a different journey for each of us, is enabled by the help of our doctor, yet in all the hype over healthcare, rarely does anyone mention prevention and how this is essential to a long life. Instead, the authors of Stay Young often saw people who were trying to accomplish more than is humanly possible between their families and jobs and squeezing in attempts to stay healthy. They realized that between society putting pressure on us to stay beautiful and our putting pressure on ourselves by ‘trying to be everything to everyone,’ the result was two conflicting messages tugging at the body, spirit and mind.

In a straightforward and easy style, the authors provide clear and much-needed advice on how to get healthy - understanding that many of us feel overwhelmed because we just don’t know where to begin. While their book clearly outlines the necessary first steps, they also provide long-term tools to help us fight disease and the effects of aging. They help create a baseline that is determined by many factors, including family history, daily habits, and current health status, and make suggestions on how to modify eating habits, reduce stress, increase exercise and get enough sleep – all necessary for good health. While there are a total of ten steps to a healthier life, one section that seems to get more than its share of attention is the one that offers tips to improve libido, and where readers are encouraged to increase the level of intimacy with their partner as another step toward better health!

The credentials of these individuals read like a ‘who’s who’ in medicine and health science, authenticating their well-researched book. Dr. Anderson is Board Certified in Family Medicine and often appears in the media as an expert on proactive health and wellness; Dr. Gaman is Board Certified in Family Practice, is also heard as an expert in the media, was named one of America’s Top Family Doctors by the Consumer Research Council of America, and was also named one of their ‘healthcare heroes’ by The Fort Worth Business Press. Both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Gaman have been named ‘Best Doctors in Dallas’ by D Magazine and ‘Best Doctors in Texas’ by Newsweek Magazine 2010. Judy Gaman is an award-winning, published author and has been entertaining and educating audiences for years. She has a degree in health sciences, with a concentration in clinical research administration, from the prestigious George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

For more information please visit these talented writers at:  and learn more about their practice at .


Larry North, Leading Health and Fitness Expert, author of Living Lean: “A must read! If everyone followed these 10 steps, we would have a much healthier America.”

Craig (Junior) Miller, Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket: “Too many people take their health for granted, and this book is a great reminder not to do that. These guys really know what they’re talking about – great advice throughout!”

Michael Landauer, Dallas Morning News: “This book meets readers where they are. The authors have a rare talent for connecting with people and helping them improve their lives by giving them the tools to do so.”

Ruthie Bram, Miss Harris County 2010, Entertainer: “I believe in aspiring to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. This book addresses them all.”

Lynne Palmeiro (spouse of former MLB Player): “These guys have been keeping me healthy for years. I am thrilled about this book!”

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