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Look out world – these Old Guys are unstoppable and you better move out of their way so nobody gets hurt…

Unfortunately, our society can be shallow; it worships and rewards youth and beauty over accomplishment and character, and labels anyone over the age of 30 as old. Jim Rodgers believes this mindset contributes to his generation getting a raw deal (which he considers a real shame considering how much they have to offer), so he wrote his new book as a way of giving both men and women reasons to feel good to be alive and the confidence to never look at age again as anything but a number!

The Old Guy Rules (Small Dogma Publishing, Inc.), by Jim Rodgers, is an enlightening, inspiring and entertaining read that encourages everyone to take stock of their life and then make the first steps toward positive and healthy lifestyle changes. The Old Guy Rules (using ‘guy’ as a generic term for male or female), has something for everyone; both men and women will benefit from the diet and exercise regimens, time management tips, and a whole lot of encouragement to reinforce the belief that you don’t have to be in your 20’s to make a difference! This book actually celebrates the aging process as a time to show the rest of the world that you are still a force to contend with; which leads us to the bigger question: “Do you have what it takes to be an Old Guy?”

So why would Rodgers want to call himself an ‘old guy?’ He lives by a code that he calls “The old Guy Rules” - rules that remind him daily to make the most of the rest of his life, never taking himself or the world around him too seriously. Believing that by middle-age most of us have at least gained wisdom, experience and resources (and yes, maybe a few extra pounds!), the author’s hope is that all the Old Guys (and Gals) will stand together and make the world a better place by utilizing their talents to help and serve others. What an incredible legacy to leave the next generation.

Jim Rodgers believes he has had a blessed life and wants to share with others the lessons he learned. That’s not to say Jim’s life has always been easy – far from it. Growing up poor in a small town in southern Illinois, he overcame numerous obstacles to get into college through sports, and lived his dream when he made it into the Eureka College Athletic Hall of Fame. At a point when Jim thought life was going well as a high school teacher and football coach, his marriage ended abruptly and he was left to raise two small children alone – a role, incidentally, that he counts as his greatest achievement. He believes this experience, and the near-loss of his son to spinal meningitis as a baby, shaped many of his attitudes and strengthened his resolve to make the very best of his life. Jim has now been a high school English teacher for twenty-four years and lives happily in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and three children.

Jim Rodgers is donating a portion of the proceeds from his book sales to one of his favorite charities, Feed the Children. To learn more about this fascinating man whose ‘glass is always half full,’ please visit: .

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