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Versatile leaders optimize organizations with positive changes - persistence, realism, and transparency

No one is immune to these rocky economic times. Innovative businesspeople all over the country are adapting their organizational structures to survive, profit, and compete in today’s unreliable market. The practical and relevant advice in Transformational Leadership: A Blueprint for Real Organizational Change (Parkhurst Brothers) by Randy Dobbs can be applied to major corporations and small businesses alike, as well as to non-profits, universities, hospitals, and other institutions.

Transformational Leadership differs from often dry and notoriously boring business books - it reads like a novel. In it, Dobbs provides a step-by-step guide to improving the internal structure of any organization. Effective and common sense how-to advice is supported with concrete examples of the principles at work. His leadership insights will help sharpen the skills of beginning entrepreneurs as well as veteran moguls.

His twenty-five years in leadership positions and extensive CEO experience at three companies makes Randy Dobbs a true leadership expert. As CEO of GE Capital, IT Solutions, he was awarded General Electric’s Turnaround Business of the Year Award. Now the secrets of a successful executive are compiled into a readable, practical guide for all types of leaders. Transformational Leadership is available at local bookstores, Amazon, and other online bookstores.



Several of All 5-Star Reviews at Amazon:

Michael W. John: “I was working at USIS during much of Randy Dobbs' time as CEO. AFTER reading the book, I can say that I learned a great deal more about the processes and procedures that Randy used to help move our corporation forward. I found his key points punctuated by real-world examples an excellent method to clarify his lessons and advice to leaders. And no doubt about it -- anyone tapped to lead an organization, from the church council to the major corporation, will take away ideas from Randy's book. From my perspective, I have seldom seen the critical role of communication in driving change explained in such a clear/concise way... along with plenty of examples from the real world to explain his points. I highly recommend this straight forward and well written guide to creating organizational success and lasting change.”

William ‘Bill’ Mixon: “Randy Dobbs' book translates the challenging job of creating lasting, meaningful, focused change in organizations--transformational change that will drive positive results--in a way can be understood and replicated by readers at other organizations. His examples, drawn from a successful career at several major corporations, illuminate his main points and also makes the book a very interesting read. Nothing easy in Randy's prescriptions for success--he tells us that it is a tough job for the strong at heart. But, he also tells us and shows us how we can succeed if we follow proven formulas and prescribed processes.”

John E. Moore: “Superior earnings results, the financial blood of all enterprise. Real life stories of total business transformations and leading by example…pure drive, determination and developing a matrix of success which the author learned through the ups and downs of developing and honing the components of transforming not only top global corporations, but himself along the way. An exciting read and a journey I was privileged to be along for much of the ride on 3 different occasions over 25 years. Once I opened the book, I could not put it down until suddenly I ran out of pages to read. Hopefully there will be a sequel.”

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