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Using facts and experience to help two entirely different viewpoints endeavor to reach a mutual understanding of each other’s differences

Religion versus Science: Where Both Sides go Wrong in The Great Evolution Debate (O-Books), by Ron Frost, is a comprehensive, unbiased view of evolution that bridges the apparently unbridgeable gap between creationism (an Intelligent Design) and the scientific view of evolution. Having studied and practiced Shambhala Buddhism for over twenty-five years, Frost became aware there were aspects of his mind that occurred from outside his ego. He realized that if one posits a transcendent aspect of consciousness it has a major implication on how one interprets the scientific evidence for evolution.

Ron Frost wrote his in-depth and well-researched book on the premise that the great debate over evolution is driven more by misconceptions held by proponents on both sides of the debate than by the actual facts of evolution itself. The basic facts of evolution – that the Earth is immensely old, that all life can be traced to one ancient progenitor, and that natural selection causes species to change - are indisputable. The error that materialistic scientists make is to assume that evolution is a random, pointless process and that the only value to human life is to act as a carrier for all-important genes. It is this interpretation of evolution, more than the actual facts themselves, which has long irritated Evangelical Christians.

Frost believes the mistake that Creationists and advocates of Intelligent Design make is in attacking the facts of evolution rather than the materialistic manner in which the facts are presented. Frost’s goal in writing Religion Versus Science is to present a view of evolution that is compatible with both the scientific evidence for evolution and with the core teachings of all but the most fundamentalist of the world’s religions. Science deals with the objective, material aspects of reality and religion deals with the subjective way we relate to the outer world – two different yet complementary ways of viewing the world.

Knowing that many Christians disagree with the atheistic lens through which evolution is presented yet also have misgivings about a solely Creationist’s view, the idea that evolution and Darwinism can be compatible with faith in a transcendent reality will be very appealing. For the secular, technical population this book will provide answers to why Creationists hate science. Because Frost’s book is not written from a purely Christian point of view, he can discuss the role of consciousness in evolution without having to worry about the problem of a Creator – resulting in a theory of evolution that is applicable to both theistic and non-theistic religious traditions.

Ron Frost has been an editor for two major scientific journals and a professor of Geology at the University of Wyoming for many years, and has studied the chemical composition of rocks, the minerals they contain, and what they tell us about ancient geologic processes. This, together with his twenty-five years as a practicing Buddhist, makes the perfect combination in a writer to find a common ground between science and religion.

For information on this fascinating subject, please visit Ron’s website at:  and watch him on a live interview: .



Karl Giberson, Ph.D., author of Saving Darwin: How to be a Christian and Believe in Evolution, and Oracles of Science: Celebrity Scientists Versus God and Religion with Mariano Artigas: “Frost’s remarkably wide-ranging volume offers the reader a helpful survey of the troubled road that led to the current controversy over scientific theories of origins. More than just another book on creation versus evolution, Science vs. Spirituality locates the controversy in the inability of science to deal effectively with the realm of consciousness and mind, where our deepest needs and most profound experiences reside. Writing from an eastern, Buddhist perspective, Frost offers a fresh perspective on one of the deepest questions of our time.”

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