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Live life to the max by learning how to de-clutter using this writer’s comically motivating ideas

Stillwater, MN, February 06, 2011 - Barbara Tako is the author of Clutter Clearing Choices (O-Books), an exceptionally motivating and witty book that is filled with great advice on how to get organized. At this time of the year it is especially helpful as many of us get ready to switch out summer clothes for autumn and winter, but no matter what time of the year – Tako has it seasonally organized to make our lives easier; clearing out at the end of the year for goal setting in January, organizing papers at tax time, and so on. Realizing that we are all unique, she offers many choices for readers to pick from.

Barbara Tako is no stranger to audiences and is well-recognized by corporate giants, such as 3M, Medtronic, Target and Securian, who use her expert speaking skills and her humorous, common sense advice to help their employees take control of their lives – knowing that a cluttered worker is rarely as productive as an organized one. She reinforces that ‘feel good factor’ that comes from donating cast-off’s and helping someone else out. It seems we can all relate to how clutter seems to develop a life of its own and Tako’s entertaining writing style offers readers motivating ways to ‘take their life back’ and pick which mode of de-cluttering works best for them.
Not nearly so organized in her earlier years, Tako believes she could have been related to Oscar in ‘The Odd Couple.’ She kept everything forever, believing that ‘you never know when you might need it!’ She credits her ‘so clean you could eat off the floor’ mother-in-law with her metamorphosis. Witnessing time and time again the boundless energy this amazing woman always had for family and friends was an inspiration for Tako to get organized in order to have time left over for what she really wanted to do. Clutter Clearing Choices is a humorous, authentic, entertaining, and informative book on clutter clearing, home organizing, and simple living.

A former columnist, television and radio guest, and writer, Tako has definitely ‘done her part’ to give us the tools to simplify and reclaim our lives – and it’s all wrapped up in a hilarious and amazing little package called Clutter Clearing Choices! This entertaining writer has a hidden agenda where her readers are concerned; she hopes that by making them more organized they will take more time for themselves and their health. Tako is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer and has taken on the role of advocate, never missing an opportunity to encourage women to get regular mammograms. In fact, she is donating a portion of the proceeds from book sales to cancer awareness and research. Please visit this inspiring woman on her website at


Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life: “Funny, thorough, and not the least bit intimidating, this book is a godsend for the organizationally-challenged. It makes keeping the clutter manageable seem manageable after all.”

Barbara Hemphill, author of Taming the Paper Tiger at Home: “When I began my organizing business 30 years ago, it was based on four simple words: Clutter is Postponed Decisions®. Few of us…ever reach the point of being satisfied with their ability to get rid of clutter. Tako has done a wonderful job of giving her readers practical suggestions for getting rid of the clutter in their lives. Less is more!”

Barb Szyszkiewicz of Family Magazine, Inc: “A step-by-step, concrete solution to overcoming household clutter, this book is full of helpful hints and resources…easy-to-follow program is designed to take readers through a whole year of clutter control…Tako’s book is loaded with common sense, humor, and good advice.”

Toi Duckworth, The Online Magazine for Work-At-Home Moms: “Tako’s common sense approach to de-cluttering your life is simple and easy to follow….simple, easy-to-adopt advice such as letting go of items that you no longer use yet keep for sentimental value. Tako’s book gives real, practical advice to help streamline your life.”

The Reverend Michael Mortvedt, Co-Director of Alternatives of Simple Living: “Tako has a warm and personal style of writing which helps the reader identify with her and with her struggles and successes at organizing and clearing clutter…a series of conversations with a friend about things that matter – about clearing away what weighs you down, taking care of the people you love, and living what you believe. A book I will come back to many times as the seasons change, as the cleaning bug strikes, and as a reminder about what is truly important in life.”


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